Alpha 7 Ministries was founded as a "ministry without walls". We are committed to helping individuals, couples and families develop a one on one relationship with the Lord. Whether through song or words of encouragement, our Counseling and Music Ministries are here to aid you in your walk with the Lord.
Christian Music is a viable vehicle by which the gospel of Jesus Christ can be spread throughout the world. It is a means by which we can express we have been filled with His spirit.From traditional to contemporary to classic quartet style, we bring you the music of artists dedicated to ministry. Pastor Fleetwood Irving, Jus-B-Cuz and now available brand new releases from Elder Debra Henderson and The Sons of the Soul Revivers.

CounselingThere are times when we all need some encouragement in our walk with the Lord. Our counseling ministry was designed to encourage, motivate and uplift you in your journey. If you're facing some personal dilemmas visit The Counselor's Corner where our resident therapist tackles some of the most difficult problems facing Christians today. In addition we offer 2 home study courses. Creation Therapy for those working toward a degree in Christian Counseling and Created In God's Image, an excellent course for small group study. We also now provide Telephone Counseling


The Sons of the Soul Revivers
Golden Nuggets
The Sons of the Soul Revivers - Golden NuggetsNow Available!
A very special release of classic quartet music with their signature style of family harmony.

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Debra Henderson
Higher Ground
Alpha 7 Ministries

Now Available!
The highly anticipated new CD from Debra Henderson "Higher Ground"

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Alpha 7 Ministries Counseling EducationAlpha 7 Ministries Education Alpha 7 Ministries as an authorized representative of the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling and offers home study courses. Learn More >

Holy Matrimony

Now Available!
Holy Matrimony, Now That We're Married
by Deborrah K. Ogans
Hardback: 18.99
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The 21st century has ushered in some extreme, strange and disturbing beliefs about marriage. We're living in a day and time when the definition and purpose of marriage is being challenged. Laws have been passed in some states that sanction same sex marriage, men marrying men and women marrying women. Read more>>>

The Gospel Radio Information System
As you are aware, independent record companies and recording artists must service radio stations with their gospel recording projects. Air-play on radio stations plays a major role in exposing a project to the public, CD sales, and performance royalties. To help independents, we developed the Christian Radio Information System. This system was specifically designed to assist independent record companies, recording artists, and magazine publishers with the task of servicing gospel radio stations with their products. As we are also an independent record label, we are familiar with all of the above tasks, and decided to develop this system to simplify the task, and reduce the cost of servicing radio stations.
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