Christian Music is a viable vehicle by which the gospel of Jesus Christ can be spread throughout the world. It is a means by which we can express we have been filled with His spirit.From traditional to contemporary to classic quartet style, we bring you the music of artists dedicated to ministry.

 Higher Ground - Debra HendersonMinister Debra Q Henderson

In every generation, the Lord raises
up women of God to speak to this particular time with a word that
is both relevant and heart changing.  Elder Debra Henderson is just such a woman.  Anointed to preach the gospel, she speaks to the hearts of women, men and youth compelling them with the love of Jesus Christ and encouraging them to reach new heights in their Christian walk.

Debra's long awaited CD "Higher Ground"is now available.
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Samples from the CD "Higher Ground"
Higher Ground

I Just Want To Worship Him
It's A Blessing
Stand Up
Bow Down & Worship Him
Check out the video of Debra performing "It's A Blessing" live on YouTube! Click here
Debra Henderson - Just Right For GodReissued! Debra's debut cd Just Right For God is now available for purchase. Quantities are limited. Get yours today!
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Don't forget to visit her website to find out
when the Higher Ground tour is coming to a city near you.

The Sons of Soul Revivers
Joy - The Sons of the Soul Revivers
"Golden Nuggets" is a special collection of songs by The Sons now being released in 2007 nationally. Quartet lovers will appreciate this CD which reflects the Son's signature style of family harmony and presents a very powerful message about Jesus Christ, the Cross, and Heaven. Read more>>
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Jus-B-Cuz - It Still Remains

This project with exceptional vocal arrangements,family harmonies, and music beats, will certainly capture the attention of young people of all cultures and backgrounds, as it inspires and encourages them with the message of Jesus Christ.
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Pastor Fleetwood Irving
Pastor Fleetwood Irving - God of Chances

Pastor Fleetwood Irving has been a recording artist for the past 13 years. His newest release "God Of Chances" is a testament to his traditional gospel roots. It contains many well know gospel favorites
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